Monday, May 28, 2012

Aaron's Smoked Chili Burger

A smoked chili burger because the chilies are smoked and the burgers are smoked over charcoal and cherrywood rather than grilled.

I have not had the time or energy to fire up the smoker since we moved it to the new house last week. Fortunately, my nephew, Aaron, had both today. He cooked up these awesome burgers while Debbie and I were back at the old house tidying up.

I won't pretend to know all the details because they were ready to eat when we got back home. I know he started by smoking a batch of Anaheim chilies. Aside from the chopped chilies you see on top, there were chilies in the ground beef as well.

I know that they were treated with a dry rub that included white and brown sugar, paprika, chili powder, salt, pepper and ???

Then the burgers were smoked at a low temperature for 60 minutes over the same combination of charcoal and cherrywood.

If I can get more detail out of Aaron, I will.  If I'm on a need to know basis, then I don't need to know.
I'll just get him over here to make another batch.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Let The Leftovers Begin

Ham biscuit
The Monday morning ham biscuit

My favorite part of a holiday meal is not the meal itself. It's the leftovers.

This ham biscuit is comprised of the following Easter Leftovers;
Cream biscuit (from Easter breakfast)
Easter ham
Broiled Jalapeno (from yesterday's poppers)

Next - Ham sandwiches for lunch. After that.... the hambone will be deployed for split pea soup