Saturday, June 8, 2013

Biscoff Ice Cream

Lily is helping with the custard

This week's ice cream comes from What a Dish! food blog.

I love Biscoff cookies. We call them airline cookies, because the only place we used to see them was on American Airlines flights. The generic name for them is Speculoos.

A year or so ago, I stumbled upon Biscoff Cookie Spread. A peanut butter like spread which is essentially cookie crumbs suspended in fat. What wouldn't I like about that?

So, why not make them into an ice cream?

This ice cream recipe uses both the spread and the cookies.

FYI: Trader Joes sells generic Speculoos cookies and Speculoos spread.

Its' a basic cooked custard for the base. Cookie spread is mixed into vanilla base, crushed cookies are added to the finished product.

For the full recipe visit

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