Sunday, June 2, 2013

Salted Carmel Ice Cream

Salted Carmel Ice Cream
It's the first hot (102 degrees) weekend of the Summer. 
Time for homemade ice cream. At least according to Mrs. Whitney. 
I prepared two bases last night for churning today. This one is a traditional cooked custard base. My next post will feature an uncooked, eggless base.
This Salted Carmel Ice Cream recipe is one of the highest rated recipes on the Epicurious web site.
That's impressive since this is not the easiest ice cream to make. The recipe requires you to prepare a carmel sauce prior to cooking the custard base. You then combine the two and chill for a minimum of 6 hours prior to churning. The ice cream is is curing in the freezer as I write this, so the pictures and my first taste impressions are based on the soft product right out of the ice cream maker.
 In spite of the fact that I overcooked the carmel, (Not quite burnt, but there's an edge to it), the finished product is delicious. Sweet, yes, but slightly salty as well.

I'll be making this one again. Soon

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